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My name is Diima, I’m a music producer, mix engineer and recording artist from Guinea-Bissau, founder and CEO of Bissilon Sound music label located in Bissau.

I come from a multicultural family. Being born in Ukraine and having lived my childhood in Russia, I had my first contact with music at the age of 4 through my father’s vast music collection of Pop, Afrobeat, Jazz and Blues

I’ve spent my teenager years in Guinea-Bissau where I used to sneak into other teen bands' rehearsals and one of their shows impressed me on a level I felt compelled to move from an audience seat to a place on stage and get behind a mixing desk.

In 1998 with the Civil War of June 7th, me and my family were forced to leave the country, taking refuge in Dakar, Senegal from where I would continue to Mariupol, my grandparents’ city in Ukraine and where I’d start making my first beats on Sony Playstation.


In 2000 with the end of the war and upon returning to Guinea-Bissau, I’ve founded my first rap group called Barudjo Organizado.

In 2002 I got a scholarship to study in Brasil where in the same year I’ve founded my second rap group called Sevenlox with whom I managed to achieve a considerable success during the band’s 15 years of activities. We’ve performed as opening bands for Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Mr. Catra, Racionais MC’s and Marcelo D2 and I’ve collaborated with artists from Brasil, Portugal, USA and Angola. Some of the names include Cabal, Negra Li, Projota, MC WM, Becky G, Angélico Vieira, Jimmy P, Valesca Popozuda, Banda Cine and Da Guedes.

In 2018 I moved to Guinea-Bissau with the goal of opening a record label called Bissilon Sound, to inspire and help launch careers of country's young artists. Since then i've collaborated on several guinean artists projects such as Patche Di Rima, WJ, As One, Klash, Eric Daro and MC Mario.

In 2020 I've release my first solo album through Bissilon Sound titled Korson Di Tambur.

Currently I'm working on my second studio album and developing other artists' projects inside my label.

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